NURI Fishery union corporation, which started abalone production in Hoenggan-do, Wando-gun in 2005, is a specialized company in living abalone production, distribution, and processing that specializes in overseas export as well as domestic distribution based on its accumulated experience and know-how.

Reading food trends and creating safe and healthy sea food to meet consumer needs is the core value and mission of NURI Fishery union corporation.

In 2019, NURI Fishery union corporation's processing production plant was completed. We've just taken our first step, but we've completed the delivery of large companies without a claim, and we've been recognized for their quality.

NURI fishers enterprise will not just settle for production and distribution of live abalone, but will strengthen its processing food business, which is a future growth engine, to become a company specializing in production, distribution and processing of abalone.

To this end, we will continue to strive to secure and nurture talented people, and to create a culture of trust, communication, and co-prosperity so that these top talents can fully develop their abilities.

In addition, we will take a step further from the existing social contribution activities centered on donations and volunteer work and further strengthen the activities to foster the ecosystem of abalone industries.

NURI Fishery union corporation promises to practice consumer-centered management to maximize customer satisfaction based on honesty, and to strive further to become a company specializing in rollover.